Details: EFC Short Story Contest 2023 (Updated 1/25/23)

What do we know about the Earth's Final Chapter series short story contest 2023? (Updated 1/25/23)

Word Count 5k-8k

Open genre (carve out your piece of EFC)

2 free EFC books will be offered digitally through a coupon code: contest23 (but if you want to do a deeper dive we recommend reading more as the best fit stories will be the winners)

Prize Money:

1st place- $700.00 (USD)

3 runners-up- $150.00 each (USD)

NO entry fee!

The 4 winning stories will have character designs, illustrations coupled with their stories, and poster art!

Contest opens Monday March 20th (3/20/23) and runs until September 25th (9/25/23)

Keep any eye out for more details!



Julian Fernandes, Remy Fernandes, Jim Horlock,

Martha Everitt, & Mandy Gardner

ContestEarth's final chapter

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