EFC Short Tales Contest 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Earth's Final Chapter Short Tale Contest!!!

This is a great opportunity to show us your imagination and storytelling skills. The Earth’s Final Chapter contest in 2020 had 9 stories bought and published beyond the winning 4. We love to rehire those who have worked on EFC and have had each of the winners from 2020 back for more storytelling fun in some form or another. So, carve out your piece of EFC and get your foot in the door, send in an entry!

The Details:

No entry fee!

Word Count 5k-8k

Open genre- EFC is a cross genre fiction, use any genre or mix thereof!

2 free EFC books are available digitally with coupon code: contest23 (but if you want to do a deeper dive we recommend reading more as the best fit stories will be the winners) Coupon is active now!!!

Prize Money:

1st place- $700.00 (USD)

3 runners-up- $150.00 each (USD)

The 4 winning stories will have

  • character designs & concept art
  • 4 illustrations coupled with the stories
  • Poster art

This collection of stories will release 2024.

Go to Endless Ink on Instagram to see the art we have already featured in the Earth's Final Chapter series thus far.

Contest opens Monday March 20th (3/20/23) and runs until September 25th (9/25/23) winners will be announced Monday October 2nd 2023


Prizes & Publishing rights:

1st place is $700.00 USD and 3 runners up will win $150.00 USD. Please have a paypal set up for us to transfer the funds when the contest ends and the winners are announced. The prize money will act as the purchase price for the rights to the story/ entry. All rights for winning stories and the details found within will be held by Endless Ink Publishing House LLC and Julian Fernandes.

By sending in an entry you claim the work of the entry to be your own and not from AI or any other outside source, and represent that the entry is something created by your own imagination and written words.


-Must I use existing characters? Can I use existing Characters?

We suggest taking the opportunity to create something new, but you can reach out to Julian Fernandes and ask about any existing characters you are interested in using. If the character you are inquiring about is available Julian will let you know. If you are set on using an existing character, we suggest some of the more peripheral characters.

-Can my story be set in space or on the moon?

Yes, your story can be set in any place within EFC including space! We suggest reading the stories in the space settings first. Book 2, and Book 12 are set in space, but you can find other space stories or threads in Book 9: Kyo and Short Tales From EFC Book 1.

-What age group are your readers?

The Earth’s Final Chapter series is made for fiction fans 17 and older, with a wide range of genres, characters, and settings, enough to entertain adult fiction fans of all ages.

-Should I start with Book 1?

You can start anywhere! EFC is a shared universe, but 98% of the books can stand on their own. If you read the whole series you will see nods as well as deeper connections.

***All questions are welcome***

Please send in your entries and any questions to

Julian Fernandes at nextpagejulian@yahoo.com

When sending in your entry please put EFC 2023 and entry title in the email subject. If you would like please let us know a bit about yourself as an author too.

Thank you everyone and good luck!

Welcome to Earth's Final Chapter, we look forward to seeing who becomes the newest members of #TeamEFC




Julian Fernandes, Remy Fernandes, Jim Horlock,

Martha Everitt, & Mandy Gardner

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