#PitMad by Azalan Reign an Indie Author

#PitMad by Azalan Reign an Indie Author (A member of #TeamEFC)

The day was like any other as the sun crept over the horizon. Carrying out my morning routine before sharing some love with my wife, then departing for work. As a writer you are aware of the fun to be had in Pitch Madness (#PitMad) on Twitter, I was entirely oblivious to the fact it was taking place on that day… until I got to the shop.

My day job is filing the role of well man in the rural parts of west-central Iowa, repairing and restoring water flow to those who run dry. Hot, cold, rain and snow, my team is out in the elements making sure those in need have that precious necessity of life.

The shop was dim, a clear representation my team was not in geared up to go yet, and as they toyed with the ever-playful shop cat, I drifted to the back where I could smoke a cigarette and check up on the wonderful #WritingCommunity. It was then, in a moment of flaring ember, I discovered it was a #PitMad day. With an arsenal of projects worthy of being pitched I was surprised, but ready! In that moment I couldn't figure out the best story to push forth into the world. However, as I scoured my files and weighed the options, I settled on a singular project I'd only recently completed. It was an old-school western, written without science fiction or fantasy, intended to take the reader back to a gritty world. Unlike so many other writers, I refrained from a mashup of other stories to create my own, instead, I write what I know -my personal experiences throughout life- my life gave me the proper foothold to create a story about an outlaw. Humble beginnings leading to an honorable action, inevitably being outcast. The story focused on a man set on making a name for himself in a world rife with turmoil. The story resided deep within my heart and soul, I was born into the life of a countryman, raised a horseman, and thus, have followed my path with devotion and sacrifice. The next step to bring this story the world.

As I wrote the pitch I couldn’t have been more fearful of what was to follow. Rejection is terrible, I don’t care how long you’ve been in the business of writing, but it weighs on you like an elephant sitting on your chest. However, it's a part of our life and as much as we are prepared or heal from the wound — it still breaks us a bit. I pushed the button anyway and sent it out into the world.

I had pitched it.

I pressed the button.

It was in the world, no longer a simple fantasy, but something real in that moment.

I smiled and took a long drag of my cigarette as the team meandered into the back of the shop and our task list was assigned, a very big step was taken in my life and I was ready to conquer any task set upon us by the boss. Conquer we did, restoring water to a wonderful family with a variety of animals relying on our expertise. Upon returning to the truck we made preparations for the next job site and then climbed in, as my partner drove us I checked on my pitch and nearly cheered in excitement when I noticed that a publisher/agent had taken a liking to my words.

I sent a message to my wife doing my best to express my excitement, I climbed out of the truck at the next job site. The next step in the process would have to wait, I had folks in need I was going to help first.


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