Short Story Competition 2020 (Closed)

Earth’s Final Chapter Short Story Competition 2020



Endless Ink Publishing House is putting on a competition involving the ongoing novella series Earth’s Final Chapter. This short story competition will be open to authors of all genres and experience levels. The entries will consist of short stories (5k-8k word count) set in the world of Earth’s Final Chapter. This contest is free to enter, read more details below!

The Winnings:

The top four stories will be published as a collection together, with accompanying illustrations, character concept designs, and poster art that is common for the EFC series stories.

Top prize winner will receive $500.00 USD with the following three runners-up receiving $100.00 each. Along with the winning stories being published in the collection mentioned above. (Payments will be made through paypal)


-All entries must be original works by the author who submitted the story. These stories should be written for the purpose of entering this contest. Set in the world of Earth’s Final Chapter. Contest reserved for authors 18 years old or older.

-Not following the rules will be cause for disqualification.

-By entering this contest you agree to all the rules, regulations, compensation, and disclaimers of this competition.

Entry Specifications:

  • To enter, contact us (Endless Ink Publishing House) or Julian Fernandes on social media. Let us know the genres you prefer to write, and we will send up to two free digital books from the Earth’s Final Chapter series to get you acquainted with the EFC world. All entries must be submitted by 12 AM ET, August 21st.
  • The short story entry must be between 5,000 and 8,000 words.
  • No specific format required, but all stories should be sent as a PDF or Word document. (Send completed entries to Julian Fernandes at
  • This is an open genre competition.
  • All entries will be notified, and winners announced by or before the end of October 2020.


Entries will be scored by

-How well the story fits into the Earth’s Final Chapter series


-The overall writing and storytelling quality

-Does it fall into the word count allotted

-Each story will be read by 2 judges and scored by each


Disclaimer/ waver and rights reserved:

All entries submitted are for the sole purpose of this contest. We (Endless Ink Publishing House LLC) reserve the rights to all Earth’s Final Chapter elements, characters, places, and things, we do not wave the right to any use of Earth’s Final Chapter parts specific or general outside of this short story competition. Any attempt to publish works containing unauthorized Earth’s Final Chapter elements will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Winning contestants’ stories rights will be held by Endless Ink Publishing House once payment of the winnings are delivered, thus transferring the rights and full property over to Endless Ink Publishing House for publication and sale, all characters, settings, and elements contained within becoming the full property of Endless Ink Publishing House LLC.


A note from Endless Ink Publishing House:

This contest is intended to be a fun and new way for independent authors from all genres to get involved in the Earth’s Final Chapter series. The hope is to make this contest annual. Thank you all for participating, we are looking forward to reading your work. Be well and keep writing!


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