The Results Are In: EFC Contest 2020 (Discount Code Inside)

The first Earth’s Final Chapter Short Story Contest was a great success!

On behalf of the Endless Ink Publishing House crew, thank you to all those who entered and spread the word on social media. Congratulations to the biggest group of authors that have ever joined #TeamEFC at one time!

Congratulations to Victoria Clapton, author of Intertwined, the grand prize winner. Intertwined is a beautiful story with a lot of heart and is our first story set in Ireland. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful underwater tale to our series. Follow her on twitter @VictoriaClapton

Congratulations to our runner-up winners as well!

Lungs Full of Water, by Jackary Salem, fits flawlessly into the Earth’s Final Chapter series and is another fun pirate story to add to an already deep EFC pirate lore. Follow her on twitter @Jackary_Salem

The Wilding, by Martha Everitt, explores aspects of the EFC world in ways not yet realized. It is a rich, well-paced story that is unique and memorable. Follow her on twitter @Writing_M_Eve

Ever Life, by Jim Horlock takes existing EFC elements and weaves them into a page-turning story that ends in a twist. It would be interesting to revisit his story’s setting in the future. Follow him on twitter @HorlockWarlock

Again, thank you from everyone at Endless Ink PH to those who participated, judged, and spread the word. It means a lot to this small publishing house and press!

We feel this contest checked all the boxes that we set out to accomplish. We were thrilled by the great turnout and response, which also led to new followers and fans of the Earth’s Final Chapter series. The amount of quality stories we read was certainly impressive, so impressive that in addition to another fantastic collection of short stories, we also scooped up several more quality entries (as much as our budget allowed). It’s exciting to see a new wave of interesting content added to the EFC world. We also built a long list of authors we are keeping an eye on. This has been one of the best outcomes we could have hoped for.

The wide-open format was good and bad. It helped give us an impressive variety of stories, but it also overwhelmed some—the EFC world is massive, and some found it to be a daunting task. Next time we will probably have a more focused prompt but try to keep it open to all genres in some way. This contest was a new way to bring new storytellers into the Earth’s Final Chapter series, we are going to keep it special by keeping it rare. Each volume of this series will have just one contest opportunity, ensuring we keep the opportunity special and the excitement high.

We look forward to releasing three more novellas to Volume One this winter, Books 12, 13 and 14: Casa Luna, by Christian Terry and Julian Fernandes, illustrated by Leonardo Guinard, Elutheramania: Freedom City by Julian Fernandes, illustrated by Patricio Rodriguez, and Promised Land by Jonathan Hemmings, illustrated by Ivan Dominguez. New settings to explore, characters to meet, and another overlapping story to a previously released book makes this one of the most exciting releases yet!

Small contract opportunities in the Earth’s Final Chapter series will be coming available at the beginning of the year as well as the announcement of our next open submission period and genre. Thank you for the continued support of indie content and underground books like ours. Creativity and art are beautiful necessities that we hope to provide for years to come. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Quarter sale on all digital Earth’s Final Chapter series books September 13th – October 3rd with code TEAMEFC (25 cents per digital copy with code) English and Portuguese copies qualify, no limit, get the whole series of ebooks for $3.25.

Please let us know what you enjoyed about the contest and discovering the Earth's Final Chapter series.

Be well and happy Reading from #TeamEFC & Endless Ink Publishing House, Julian Fernandes @julesofden & Remy Fernandes @Remnandes, our other judges Christina DZA Marie @CM_DZA & Mandy Gardner @HistObscuraPod

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