Review: EFC Bk 17 Ivory Triangle AKQ by Kobie Atkinson

Review by Kobie Atkinson

The Earth’s Final Chapter is a fantastic series of short stories and novellas that always seem to make my day a little happier. I particularly enjoyed “A King’s Quest” Adebiyi, and Julian’s work is fanciful, while maintaining high stakes, and low odds of success that keep you glued to your seat all the way through the dangerous environments, pirates, slaves, Kings, and outsiders that riddle this gripping story. Set around one particular woman King and her personal journey to strengthen her people, and keep their future safe through a single critical goal. Her story is told through not only her own eyes, but those of her companions in their death defying actions, and adventures that all culminate in one single quest with ups and downs that resonate with the human soul.

As always the writing of the Final Chapter Series is powerful, dynamic, and straight to the point. While character designs, and setting descriptions are light, each one is carefully created to still place you perfectly in the designed space without cutting into the story and still allow you to see exactly what the author intends for you to see without question. Then the amazing images provided by Leandro, and Leonardo Guinard more than make up for the sparsity by making those parts of the world that are explained deeply immersive, and incredibly beautiful. They allow the reader to dive right into the world that the words are describing to you, with powerful colors, passionate expressions, and a better feeling and understanding of the Characters and situations as you read.

The story itself is gripping, and incredible, full of loss and hope. The writing pulls no punches as one especially sympathetic individual is even maimed by circumstance almost immediately after being introduced. Others are given to plots of ambition and power, while still others are desperate to see their lands and people spared from harm, or strengthened against future enemies. Love, lust, support, courage, friendship, suspicion, greed, and so much more play a part in this singularly amazing woman’s journey to protect her home with the help of strangers, and friends alike. A wonderful adventure that is set in motion by none other than a civilization of creatures set on rescuing Earth from itself as the poor planet continues its downward spiral towards unknown dangers yet to come.

I don’t have enough good things to say about the skill, and pure enjoyability of the Earth’s Final Chapter as a whole collection of works, but this story especially stands out as one of the most unique in traveling through the human experience from comfort to the deepest parts of hardship and growth before returning home to safety again. I adored reading it, and wholeheartedly continue to look forward to more to come! The creators of this collection truly know how to make a compelling story ring true, and how to entertain in some of the most meaningful ways.