Review of EFC Book 12: Casa Luna By Victoria Clapton

Review by Victoria Clapton (Follow on twitter @VictoriaClapton)

One of the reasons that I’m such a huge fan of Earth’s Final Chapter looms largely on the fact that every story is unique in styling, technique, and imagination. Endless Ink Publishing picks the best of the best to widen their post-apocalyptic reality. As such, as a lover of science fiction, Earth’s Final Chapter never disappoints.

The same is true about Casa Luna, a new tale within EFC that’s filled with political intrigue, otherworldly wonders, and something of a mystery. The writers Julian Fernandes and Christian Terry have woven a set of characters and a history-in-the-making plot that does what only the best science fiction can do by making what should be purely fiction feel incredibly real. Zoya is a complicated main character who quietly suffers great sacrifices among her family as she strives to save all of Casa Luna. She’s bold with a head for strategy and change, but she’s guided by something mysterious, something that will either be Casa Luna’s salvation or ruin.

Such a thrilling story. So much so, that I fervently hope EFC gives us more with the characters of this story in the future. Fernandes and Terry make an excellent writing team, bringing to life a story that gave me both Firefly and Hamilton vibes.