Review of Short Tales From EFC Bk 4-Someone Has Blown My Mind By Kobie Atkinson

Review of Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter Book 4

Someone Has Blown My Mind

By Kobie Atkinson

Earth’s Final Chapter is a wonderful collection of works. Not only are the works of each author independently well written, but the skill level with which they match each others’ tone, and style is stunning. Something that is echoed perfectly with the matching illustrations. While I found some odd angles, and proportions in one of the shorts the vibrant colors, stunning backdrops, and other attributes of the illustrations cleverly hid each imperfection until little was left behind but the eye candy. They match not only in the mutual world that they’ve created, but in their definition of that world. No small feat given how complicated world building alone can sometimes be. A feat compounded by the use of artists and illustrators that were capable of catching that same ‘vibe’. One or two collaborations certainly, but eight…. Wow.

I will admit that not all the works resonated well with me, (I have a strong sense of justice and loyalty that were ruffled) this in my opinion is just further proves that the works were timelessly well written. Bad situations that can’t be avoided, clever plot points, and conflict shape a story – and not every story has to have a happy ending. Being able to pull that deep well of emotion out of another person takes more than talent – it takes time, understanding your audience, and effort to manipulate. The authors of this piece managed this task in such astoundingly short spans of time that it boggles the mind to even consider. But it wasn’t even only just the plot that was so well defined and developed here. I was particularly impressed with the character development of each piece. Anyone can develop a personal connection with someone that is not real and exists only in their own head – but precious few can take that same connection and after putting it onto the page draw readers into understanding it perfectly. I can honestly say that I formed emotional connections with fictional people in these stories that I would never have formed without their clear, clever presentation to me on the page. These authors know exactly how to tell a story that ties you directly to the individuals living in it and drag you thoroughly through it’s pages all the way to the end beautifully. Especially in the way that they show and demonstrate their creations allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions rather than telling them what to think.

There is always more to the world behind the curtain than any one person can imagine without having been there when the world was developed. That being said – rarely have I ever wanted to dive more completely into better understanding a world than I have in this work. A hearty well done on that. 

All in all – I honestly have had a very difficult time finding anything new (or old) that draws my attention and holds it in a very long time. Frankly I haven’t read anything previously unknown to me that I could honestly say I truly enjoyed in nearly ten years. After so very long, finally – Someone has blown my mind with their skill. I have only enjoyed one other work more in my entire life.

Thank you for this experience.

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