Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 11: Sparrows Digital Copy (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 11: Sparrows (English)

By Julian Fernandes

Illustrated by Maria F Loscher

However difficult tradition is honored in the Black Feather clan. When his loved ones are threatened by the Planetary Council, Kumar follows in the way of the leaders who came before him and starts his own clan, going against the grain and leaving the lives they know  in the name of a common cause.

Sparrows is beautifully written in engaging and casual language. The style does not alienate the reader but instead makes you feel like you are right there, experiencing each character’s story with them. Even without the pictures, the imagery is quite clear.The pictures are skillfully drawn. They project and add to the imagery of the words and are in keeping with the down-to-earth, no-frills nature of the text.The last page took me by surprise as I realized we had come to the end of this installment. I was more than ready to continue with the Sparrows and find out with them what their future holds. -Jaqueline Samaroo

The story hurtles forward at a relentless pace. There is hardly a page devoid of action, dialogue or exposition that propels the plot along. When we are given a respite, it is to expand on individual character arcs and interpersonal relationships. I liked the rich tapestry of personalities, settings and unexpected connections that Fernandes has woven here. - Ram T


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