Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter: Book 4: Volume 1 Digital Download (English)

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Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter: Book 4: Volume 1 Digital Download (English)

The Next Peace

By Rick Staron Illustrated by Sergei Kritzien 

 When you live under the Planetary Council rule, you learn to choose your friends wisely. With a new case set before him, Killroy enlists the help of his most reliable connection and makes a few enemies along the way.

The Begetting of Violence

By Jim Horlock Illustrated by Luis Bazzan

 All systems are up and running onboard the Bullet-1. But when PIC-R is called by its new master, what once was forgotten junk throws all members of the crew into a fight for their lives.

Buried Treasure 

By Rob Rangel Illustrated by Nicole Slater

 This Bunker was preserved by generations of family burden, and Victor is not about to throw that all away. When he comes face-to-face with an unexpected visitor, he is forced to evaluate his life's true purpose.

Under the Eye of Ra

By FJ Doucet Illustrated by Leandro Guinard 

 After wrecking his ship, Musashi is welcomed by Pharaoh Mentuhotep's Grand Vizier. Though he hasn't given up hope of finding the Morphic Gel, he resigns to assimilating to life in a land foreign to him. However hospitable his hosts may be, his safety is not guaranteed, and his every move watched. 

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