Earth's Final Chapter Volume 1: Book 12: Casa Luna Paperback (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Volume 1: Book 12: Casa Luna Paperback (English)

By Christian Terry and Julian Fernandes

Illustrated by Leonardo Guinard

Holding a seat on the Luna Council means everything to Zoya, and she has worked too hard to let anyone take it from her. The Planetary Council back on Earth, is still a threat, and Zoya will do whatever it takes to form alliances and cement her plans for the future of Casa Luna.

Zoya is a complicated main character who quietly suffers great sacrifices among her family as she strives to save all of Casa Luna. She’s bold with a head for strategy and change, but she’s guided by something mysterious, something that will either be Casa Luna’s salvation or ruin. -Victoria Clapton 

 The worldbuilding is amazing. Casa Luna was an incredibly fleshed out city/country with its own culture and feel. On top of that, each character is given such a life that I almost expect a spin-off story to come out about any of them... As I’m coming to expect from the novels in EFC, Casa Luna left me with a profound sense of anticipation for what’s to come. - Tom Pahlow

EFC Connections

Light connectivity- Book 2: Captain Taylor: The Starship Ceu, Book 9: Kyo

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