Dark Tales of Whimsy (Paperback)

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Dark Tales of Whimsy 

Dark Tales of Whimsy is a collection of four short stories which weave elements of folklore with modern influences, engaging readers with tales of danger, curses, and more than a little mischief. This collection also includes illustrations  by Oz Osborn.

Tooth, written by Simone Le Roux

In her short, Tooth, Simone LeRoux introduces us to Peg, who is feeling the pressure of surviving tooth to tooth. Join Peg and her ambitious cousin, Orla, as they aim to evade the woeful fate of Tooth Fairies who break the rules. 

Anti-Cupid, written by Carlotta Cosmai

In Carlotta Cosmai's story of love, we follow dead-beat husband and father, Cupid. In time, his arrows have been replaced by an enchanted smart phone, and his desires have become sleazy and self-serving. Follow his daughter, Pleasure, as she tries to bring true love back to Rome.

Little Miss Muffet Meets Anansi The Spider, written by Remy Fernandes

It's been a while since 'The Spider Incident,' when Missy lost her foot from the bite. Now, she has grown to adulthood and landed a job at the Ice Cream Hut at the zoo. When her lunch break is interrupted by a talkative spider, Missy finds herself in a deal with a hungry, eight-legged intruder, whose antics could cost Muffet more than her job.

Three's Last Stand, written by Alyssa Blackmon

In Alyssa Blackmon’s re-telling, we meet Three, the brick house-maker, who now has spent years being hunted by the big bad werewolf and his turned brothers. The day has come that Three can finally find closure with his brothers, and gain vengeance on the wolf.  


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