Blood Pudding & Other Horrific Delicacies (Paperback)

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Blood Pudding & Other Horrific Delicacies Winning Collection 2022

We proudly present the winning collection from our 2022 short story Horror comedy contest! Featuring illustrations by Shander Carrero and four short stories by, Dawn DeBraal's, Cliff McNish, Martha Everitt, and Jim Horlock.

Follow the peculiar perils of a germophobic vampire in Dawn DeBraal’s My Dear Mrs. Cunningham—just, be careful not to track mud through the kitchen.

Next, in Cliff McNish’s Problems With Online Dating, Ty confronts the challenges of finding someone who understands her particular quirks, all she wants is love. The kind that lasts forever.

In Martha Everitt’s The Bhad Wolf, Charlotte is on staff at Lunar Corps, and may be asking for a raise after her encounter with a very Bhad wolf.

Last but not least, Jim Horlock’s short that took top prize, Blood Pudding, is set in a world taken over by blood-thirsty desserts, and death is all that’s on the menu.
What could go flan?


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