Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter Book 5 (Digital Download)

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Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter Book 5

  1. Music & Mutiny

By Mark Mumm, Illustrated by Oz Osborn

Bev, Steve and Krak’s band is in town, but not for long. They are headed to the other side of the Mississippi Bay. When going on tour means bartering for transport, they must use caution. Are these sailors really merchants, or something more nefarious?

  1. Dove: A Mothers Instinct

By Martha Everitt, Illustrated by Natasha Novy

Years of being married to the Hunter have blessed Dove with eight daughters and a son to carry on the family tradition. Though her husband’s bounty hunting business comes with its own set problems, Dove’s past comes back to haunt her, and her family’s well-being is at risk.

  1. Bunker 119: Slayers of Ouray

By Aaron J Webber, Illustrated by Romulo Soares

Ammoden paid her dues and has proven herself a more than competent sharp-shooter. She has earned an opportunity to hunt with the Slayers of Ouray, famous bounty hunters out of Bunker 119. But her first mission will test her moral resolve when the target is revealed.

  1. No Good Deed

By Jackary Salem Illustrated by The Creator

When a rosy-cheeked vigilante arrives at St. Homobonus, Gale is faced with yet another harsh reality of being an orphan. The Law Dogs are on the hunt for children that sell for a high price – but don’t worry, darlings: Here comes Santa Claus.

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