The Last Diaspora Book 2: Mission to Mars Paperback (English)

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Mission to Mars

By Mandy Gardner

Aldi was raised to be a Seer, a Diviner, a Fortune-Teller. Now that she is living out of the darkness, she is confronted by a world of new experiences, the possibility of entering the land of the gods, and with the realization the even her own future is one she cannot predict. 

I can almost guarantee you have never read a science fiction novel that blends a dystopian future with ancient Norse mythology, but Endless Ink’s most promising science fiction author, Mandy Gardner, has done just that. This is the welcome second instalment in Gardener’s The Last Diaspora series!

- Laura Clark

This book’s language is phenomenally written and you can tell the author put a lot of love into the story. It reads as a space book, something I would see on TV and watch with my family, which the concept immensely pleased me.

- Elisabeth van der Wilt

Just like Letters to Earth, Mission to Mars focused on the personal growth of the main character. Born and raised in isolation only to be ‘liberated’ and then completely forgotten, Aldi was an incredibly interesting character to follow. As an outsider who questioned everything we think of as normal, Aldi’s perspective made me think about all the strange things that make up our society.
Anyone got any of those digital numbers?

-Tom Pahlow

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