"Earth's Final Chapter" The Working People Involved: Volume 1

"Earth's Final Chapter" is the first adult, illustrated, novella series by Endless Ink Publishing House. An end of the world, post apocalyptic, space adventure, told from characters global perspectives and beyond.

Writers (Order in appearance of work):

Julian  Fernandes- "Earth's Final Chapter" is his first series. He lives in Denver Colorado with his wife and their multitude of animals, as well as a bundle of joy on the way. He loves reading Shakespeare, Paulo Coelho, and grew up reading the Dragonlance series. Julian has spent time with family in Portugal which has lead to "Earth's Final Chapter" to be translated in Portuguese. It is exciting to see this world grow from an idea to a fleshed out place. Follow him @julesofden 

See His work in, Book 1: Avinon, Book 2: Captain Taylor: The Starship Ceu, Book 4: Kay: Capital City Arena Champion, Book 6: ARK Part 1, Book 7: The Hunter & His Hounds, Book 9: Kyo, Book 10: Point Mega, and Book 1: Short Tales

Nathan Banks- Is from a town called Darwen, in the county of Lancashire, in the UK. He live with his girlfriend of 10 years Kathryn and six year old son Wiliam. He feels privileged to be working with him and the rest of the team, on such an exciting project.

See His Work in Book 3: Brother Leon

GD Penman- An established author from Scotland, you can find his bio at http://www.gdpenman.com along with links to his other works, or follow him @GDPenman. He is a seasoned author, with great family life and author insight on twitter, well worth the follow.

See his work in Book 5: Chibuzo: The Goblin Shark, Book 1: Short Tales, and more to come.

Christina "DZA" Marie- Follow her @CM_DZA. An up and coming young author, Christina also has great blog content, and fantastic book reviews on her website, www.dzamarie.com.

See her work in Book 8: Homestead Hunts, Book 2: Short Tales, and more to come.

Mandy Gardner- A US-born, Canadian-raised freelance writer who lives in Mexico with her local husband and three cats. She loves the work of Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke, though her favorite book remains "Gone With the Wind." Follow her @thecatboxblog as well as read her content in The Cat Box Blog

Mandy is one of the two editors for Books 1-10 of the series, as well as author featured in Book 1: Short Tales, and more to come.

Remy Fernandes- Lead editor for the "Earth's Final Chapter" series, and will be authoring Book 17 of Volume 1, with more to come.

Anelisa Nokoyo- South African native, now living abroad in East London. Author of Book 12.

Jonathan Hemmings- An author from South Africa, Author of Book 14.

Portuguese Translator- Tiago Gomes- A resident of Portugal and the highest rated translator on the freelance site upwork. Tiago crafts these novellas to Portuguese, with the same depth and richness of the original story.

Translator of Books 1-3

More to come in the future


Illustrators (In order of appearance of work):

Sergei Kritzien- Follow him @Organnah, or see more of his work on the Kritzien art Facebook page or instagram. Sergei is from Belarus, where his wife helps critique his work and is supportive in his quest for improving quality of his craft. 

See his work in Books 1: Avinon and Book 5: Chibuzo: The Goblin Shark, with more to come.

Leonardo Guinard- An up and coming, Brazilian artist who can be found on facebook. 

See his work in Book 2: Captain Taylor: The Starship Ceu.

John Hawkins- An up and coming US comic book artist, his work can be found at www.Johnhawkinsart.com

See his work in Book 3: Brother Leon and Book 8: Homestead Hunts.

Maria F Loscher - Bringing a unique style from Venezuelan. Follow her @mariafloscher, or facebook, or instangram. 

See her work in Book 4: Kay: Capital City Arena Champion, with more to come.

Arijit Gupta- From India Arijit, brings more diversity to the series with his own style.\

See his work in Book 6: ARK Part 1

Alejandro Arevalo- A very talented artist from Columbia. Alejandro continues to perfect his craft as an illustrator. You can find him on Linkedin. 

See his work in Book 7: The Hunter & His Hounds, with more to come.

Marta Maszkiewicz- Bringing a very artistic charm to the series, Marta is one of Poland's rising talents. 

See her work in Book 9: Kyo, with more to come.

Jennifer Slater- From the UK. Jennifer delivers her own vision for the character, making previous designs recognizable, but still bringing her authentic style. Follow her @Slatorrr and see more of her work at www.jennifer-slater.com

See her work in Book 10: Point Mega

Jonathan Greenacre- Another up and coming artist from the UK. 

See his work with poster art from Books 1 and 2, with more to come.