Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 1: Avinon Paperback (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 1: Avinon (English)

By Julian Fernandes

Illustrated by Sergei Kritzien

Avinon’s trip home from hunting in the Blackened Forest takes a detour when he encounters a group of slaves in need of rescue. Now he and his new companions must learn to trust each other and survive in this harsh, toxic world.

Written in fast-paced present tense, the narrative continuously keeps the reader engaged and interested. The writing flows well and is easy to follow, particularly during the action sequences. While following the adventures of the titular protagonist and his two companions, the story explores themes of family, growing up, and the unexpected twists of life. The vivid illustrations are a wonderful supplement to the text as well. - Abby Adams

The reader is able to feel genuine concern for them and their quest. The presence of constant danger to them is well relayed but it is definitely not over done. The ending pages nicely tie up the loose ends in the story while ensuring that you are eager to see how it all fits into the stories to come. - Jacqueline Samaroo

At times a very bleak portrayal of a post-apocalyptic future, there are odd elements of hope that keep Avinon positive and up-beat; especially the growing relationships between characters. Avinon is a great, quick read for fans of sci-fi and fantasy. It has some classic “old-school” elements like scavenging for tech and an authoritarian regime, but also introduces some new concepts which I found very engaging. - Mark Angelides


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