Earth's Final Chapter Vol 1: Book 13: Elutheramania: Freedom City Paperback (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Volume 1: Book 13: Elutheramania: Freedom City (Digital Download)

By Julian Fernandes

Illustrated by Patricio Rodriguez 

 After crash-landing in a hostel land outside of the Planetary Council's protection, all that matters is rescuing Kathryn and bringing her back to Tower Mega. Now that Rollo is forced to put his trust in outsiders, he must decide whether to remain loyal to his home and the love of his life, or to abandon his responsibilities for a life among humans and mutants in Elutheramania. 

 The story, written by Julian Fernandes and Illustrated by Patricio Rodriguez, follows Rollo Gunman after the wreckage of his convoy on the coast. From this desperate position, he travels in search of the only other survivor. His journey takes him to the free city of Elutheramania and then on to Capital City in the Federation. Along the way, he makes some new enemies and more friends.
This one was a fun read, linking diverging stories from across the series. Familiar faces make appearances, and we find ourselves back in Capital City. It turns out that a post-apocalypse Earth is a small world after all. It made the whole story feel more personal like I knew the secrets of the world while the characters explored.
-Tom Pahlow


EFC connections:

Light connectivity- Book 7: The Hunter & His Hounds, Book 10: Point Mega, Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter: Book 2, Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter: Book 3

Continuing threads- Book 1: Avinon

Overlapping- Book 4: Kay: Capital City Arena Champion 

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