Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 2: Captain Taylor: Starship Ceu Paperback (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 2: Captain Taylor: Starship Ceu Paperback (English)

By Julian Fernandes, Illustrated By Leonardo Guinard

After years out in space, the captain of the Starship Ceu is confronted with a strange alien ship. Now, Jonathan Taylor and his entire crew must decide: abandon the mission, or ignore the pursuit of extra-terrestrial knowledge? Their decision could determine the fate of Earth itself.

Review By Abby Adams

Captain Taylor: The Starship Ceu is an excellent and intriguing expansion on the world. Here, the setting jumps from an isolated North America in “Avinon” to a busy starship potentially making first contact with alien life. The character development and dialogue improve from the previous book, and the characters are well rounded with believable motives. The reader learns more about the world’s past, and the villainous Planetary Council gains much more nuance. Thematically, this book explores questions of personal ambition versus a greater good, and who gets the right to determine ‘greater good’ in the first place. It is fascinating to watch characters grapple with questions and judgement calls in grey areas, knowing they lack all the information. “Captain Taylor” is a solid addition to Earth’s Final Chapter and certainly clinches the reader’s interest in the rest of the books.

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