Earth's Final Chapter Vol 1: Book 4: Kay: Capital City Arena Champion Paperback (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 4: Kay: Capital City Arena Champion Paperback (English)

By Julian Fernandes, Illustrated by Maria F Loscher

Kay’s life of privilege in the Planetary Council is now nothing but a distant memory. Now as a gladiator in the Capital City Arena, she must fight mutants, cyborgs and any other creature who stands in her way. Survival is the only thing that matters.

Action-packed from beginning to end. As with the previous books by this author, the motion and fight sequences are particularly well done. In a story somewhat reminiscent of The Hunger Games, the reader follows the dramatic story of an enslaved gladiator as she fights to survive inside the arena and out of it. Once again, the story explores the dark side of the commerce and industries that arose after the Great War devastated humanity. This book has a large and colorful cast of characters, including a number of mutants and cyborgs. The cruelties of slavery and the will to survive take center stage in Kay’s story. Quiet plots in the background also hint at larger elements moving in the overall series. 
- Abby Adams

“The Earth Final Chapter” volume 1 (Books 1-5) get an absolute reading recommendation for everyone who loves science fiction and dystopic. 
- Gregor Segner

The Kay character is a real trooper that keeps you turning pages, in anticipation of the next key to her history. In some ways it’s a sad book as it examines what a life of slavery can do to a person, but the gritty characters keep it fast-paced. The artwork for this volume is of a very different style. A lot more “savage” in interpretation, but it fits in well with the bloodiness of the plot. With a fantastic and gory finale, this is my firm favorite of the series so far. 
- Mark Angelides

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