Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 8: Homestead Hunts Digital Download (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 8: Homestead Hunts Digital Download (English)

By C.M. Alongi

Illustrated by John Hawkins

Don’t get caught in the streets when the hunt starts. Life in Homestead is a struggle and a revolution is stirring. With the resistance growing stronger, the people of this abandoned Mega City reassess their roles.

It is not quite what I expected. The tangent this novella leads you on is quite interesting. Long ago, the PC lost contact with one of their first cities. With the world falling apart around everyone’s ears, it was thought the people died. This is where Homestead come is in, a new city has risen, hobbling on its broken legs. A society divided into predator and prey where the weak are hunted by the strong. For years, the hunts have raged on and it seems there’s no end in sight. There are key players in Homestead who hold an important role in the city, and those who seek to continue the hunts because they hide far bigger secrets. There are some who seek peace between the predator and prey. - Barbara Kihiu

A gripping tale of predators and prey which leaves you wondering which might be which. A political tale with strong characters, it has the feel of the Old West, but with a serious modern political outlook that blends well within the EFC universe. The characters of Philippa and Max are strong representations that are our window into the politics and daily life of Dome-1 and the bizarre way of life its inhabitants live. This is one of the more heartfelt books in the series that is written with a real sense of compassion for the characters and their development. The underlying theme of this book is particularly relevant in today’s political climes, and the current of ideas will doubtless spark recognition in the reader. In many ways it is a devastating condemnation of the position of victims in society that goes well beyond the expected scope of an illustrated book. -Mark Angelids


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