Earth's Final Chapter Vol 1: Book 14: Promised Land Paperback (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Volume 1: Book 14: Promised Land Digital Download (English)

By Jonathan Hemmings

Illustrated by Bora Arslanbulut

Just being able to talk to someone can make all the difference. For Krystof the birds, the deer and the animals of the wild are his only companions. That’s when things were easy. Now a slave to the Wolf Riders of the Khan-daichin, all hope is at risk of being lost in a sea of suffering. Follow Krystof as he searches for his life’s purpose, and to keep the hope child alive.

Looking for a story that kindles your hope in humanity by showing you all the worst things we do to each other? Then Promised Land, Book 14 of the Earths Final Chapter series, by Jonathon Hemmings and illustrated by Bora Arslanbulut is for you.
The story follows Krystof, a young man from a tribe in the eastern wastes. Shunned by his tribe for his connection to nature and the pain that frequently wracks his body, gentle Krystof is soon thrust into some of the worst conditions a person can suffer. The massacre of his tribe, slavery and the constant presence of death is ever-present in his life after the wolf riding Khan-daichin capture him.
Not only does Krystof survive these conditions, but he thrives. It doesn’t take long for the things that used to set him apart to become gifts, granting him more power than he could have dreamed of. Underpinning it all is the importance of hope in our lives.
While reading Promised Land I found the main character, Krystof, incredibly human. At the start of the book, he is a weak man in both body and mind. As the story progresses, he grows and we can see him gain physical strength and power. What I loved most about his character was that despite being a good man, we see him revel in this newfound power. Tendrils of satisfaction reach out to Krystof whenever he exerts his might over others and acknowledging this makes him seem real to me. - Tom Pahlow

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