Earth's Final Chapter Winning Collection 2020 Paperback (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Winning Collection 2020 Paperback (English)


The Wilding

By Martha Everitt Illustrated by Mikayla Burton

To raid or to write? Riss doesn't have a choice when duty calls, forcing him into the Wilding.  


By Jim Horlock Illustrated by Daud Al Khalis 

The legendarily villainous Rezag has his eyes set on beating death, and nothing will stop him from finding the Ever-Life. 

Lungs Full of Water

By Jackary Salem Illustrated by Nicole Slater

Like a nightmare he can't wake from, Grant keeps finding his life turned upside down. A repressed past leads to his new future when confronting the truth is the only option.


By Victoria Clapton Illustrated by Maria F Loscher 

To keep her village safe, Muireann embarks on a journey that will take her to a place she thought only existed in the fairytales of her people. Her life and that of the people of Mair will never be the same again.


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