Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter Book 3: Volume 1 Paperback (English)

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Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter: Book 3: Volume 1 Paperback (English)

The Shadow Agent

By Amy Marsden Illustrated by Massimiliano Longo

 A debt to the Planetary Council can be a death sentence if left ignored, so Jensen has no time to waste and zero room for mistakes.

Last Ride

By Bradley Heywood Illustrated by Leonardo Guinard

 You can't teach an old horse new tricks, but can the Dirty Man Dyson learn to let go of the past?

Bunker 787: Blood & Fortune

By Azalan Reign & Julian Fernandes Illustrated by Luis Bazzan

 The island infested with Howlers has more secrets to reveal as shipwrecked members of the Oceanic Alliance and pirates clash for control of the abandoned PC bunker and its hidden treasures.

Homestead Refugee

By C.M. Alongi Illustrated by Anastasia Nesterova

Dalmar knows to never trust anyone from Homestead, so when someone from the community of cannibals moves to her town, she is forced to stay vigilant and keep her friends close.

EFC Connections:

Light Connectivity- Book 8: Homestead Hunts, Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter: Book 2, Book 13: Elutheramania: Freedom City


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