Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter: Book 1: Volume 1 Digital Download (English)

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Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter: Book 1: Volume 1 Digital Download (English)


Shadrag vs The Monster of the Chateau

By Mandy Gardner, Illustrated by Sergei Kritzien

The Last Call at the Razorback Lounge

By GD Penman, Illustrated by Subaru Kodama

Top Hat

By Julian Fernandes, Illustrated by Alexey Sarambaev 

Europa-1: 200 Years From Home

By AZ Anthony, Illustrated by Filip Cekic 

A fun ride into unexplored corners of the Earth's Final Chapter series. New characters penned by exciting new authors, and returning illustrators as well as new ones, creating a great collection for new readers of the series or cemented fans. These short tales will capture the imagination and leave you wanting to see more from this fantastic series.

Short Tales From Earth’s Final Chapter: Book 1 is a mesmerizing selection of short but sharp stories, each one with a distinct voice but all with a link to one another. This unique collection is a literary journey from start to finish encouraging a brief but instantaneous connection with some sharply drawn characters... It’s easy to become immersed in each story of this collection, with every storyline and character remaining with you long after you’ve read the last page. That such short stories have the power to achieve this in a few short pages is commendable and utterly inspiring.
- Clair Chaytors

From the first sentence we detect the perfumed notes of Poe that hang heavy in the air, attempting to disguise the rot. It is as if we, the reader, have opened a door we should not. Suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of fantastical intrigue, and history, and old grudges that have been allowed to fester.
-Bradley Heywood


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Light connectivity- Book 3: Brother Leon

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