Review of Books 6-10 , Earth's Final Chapter, By Mark Angelides

By Mark Angelides


With the Alliance of Rebels for Knowledge (ARK) separatists moving forward and the Leo Mega leaders fighting back, the next installment has finally arrived. New characters and a grander picture of the Earth’s Final Chapter universe provide plenty of action and excitement; ARK Part 1 is a great addition to the series and kicks off the new round of chapters with a bang.

The alluring Ariel’s visit sets the scene for one of the most intriguing chapters in the series yet.

This chapter stands out not only for its solid story line, but for the scene-setting narrative that immerses you in the strange world. The attention to detail creates vivid images that are backed up with a grand series of illustrations that are miniature works of art in themselves. In many cases it is the backgrounds in the illustrations that show the artist’s talents at work.


The recurring theme in the first six books of the saga was one of power plays and subtle shifts in balance; Hunter and his Hounds brings this same dynamic but with a certain edginess that was not actually missing from the previous chapters, but was perhaps not as fully explored as it is in this latest installment.

This latest book kicks off with the return of the dreaded Hunter; even more menacing and cruel than in his earlier appearance, the vividness of the torture and engulfing hopelessness make this a page turner that is difficult to walk away from.

For those familiar with the series, this chapter is a real treat as loose ends from previous installments begin to come together making a fuller mosaic to the story. References to former characters and places begin to shape the epic saga in a way that hints of a grand reckoning in future chapters.


 The latest book in the Earth’s Final Chapter series, Homestead Hunts, is a gripping tale of predators and prey which leaves you wondering which might be which. A political tale with strong characters, it has the feel of the Old West, but with a serious modern political outlook that blends well within the EFC universe.

The characters of Philippa and Max are strong representations that are our window into the politics and daily life of Dome-1 and the bizarre way of life its inhabitants live. This is one of the more heartfelt books in the series that is written with a real sense of compassion for the characters and their development.

The underlying theme of this book is particularly relevant in today’s political climes, and the current of ideas will doubtless spark recognition in the reader. In many ways it is a devastating condemnation of the position of victims in society that goes well beyond the expected scope of an illustrated book.


Kyo is not only a great read, but the illustrations by Marta Maszkiewicz are a real pleasure. Elegantly delineated with a fantastic eye for balance and detail, they are a wonderful companion to one of the most riveting books in the EFC universe.

As Kyo makes big plans for the Japanese nation’s return to the earth’s surface, the Oceanic Alliance looks to challenge the overwhelming authority of the Planetary Council. He faces decisions that will impact his family and the future of his people and raise the ultimate question: What price is a person willing to pay for their ambition?


This latest book takes a different tone to the others whilst still remaining part of the overarching story. It has subtleties and depths that resonate with the main character’s internal doubts, giving a solid story that can stand alone or as part of the larger theme.

In a grand ending to this latest series of books in Earth’s Final Chapter, the themes of family and oppression once more grip the reader and make a satisfying finale. The future hangs in the balance as the Oceanic Alliance tries for peace and the very realistic characters get caught up in events beyond their understanding.

Built on a basis of believable characters and values that each reader will connect with, the turbulence of the latest EFC book, Point Mega, strikes a chord that sets this apart from the others.

As some dream of escape from the harsh brutalities of life, and others dream their grand dreams of resistance and freedom, the final conflict is fast approaching. The themes of power and dignity once again arise and set the stage for what may be the most exciting chapter yet.

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