Reviews Books 1-5 of Earth's Final Chapter by Barbara Kihiu

By Barbara Kihiu


Avinon is the kind of bad ass you want on your side when the world falls apart at the seams. That is exactly where Tara and Tone find themselves. This is the first book of Earth’s Final Chapter.

The world has fallen desolate after the Last War. Unlikely friendships are being forged. The future seems uncertain. It’s a great book to read and the illustrations pick the images straight from your mind, bringing them to life. Every moment is a new turn leading you right where the writer wants you.

Would I read it again? Yes! There is always something new to be discovered with these novellas. I can’t wait for the next one



This instalment asks the question, is there life in space? Captain Taylor is the sort of man you would expect to lead an expedition into space. A great man with a wealth of experience to draw from. Though it quickly becomes clear he’s surrounded by those who want to drive their own agendas, sometimes it seems he is uncomfortable with the mantle he has been given.

This novella leaves you wanting more. To see the captain more commanding rather than just a good man. It leaves you questioning what are the consequences of his choices and to what extent do they affect lives. The imagery is a bit more toned down teasing the reader with what space might look like.

This novella answers certain questions but you are left with even more.



Nathan Banks adds another dimension to Earth’s Final Chapter with Brother Leon. A drunken monk on the verge of his greatest discovery ever. What Brother Leon doesn’t account for is other’s interests. Vicente, his protégé is not what he seems but then is anything on this New Earth?

Massimo, the king, faces an unknown threat. Someone is targeting his great land of Fatima. Banks does a good job of keeping us guessing. When Leon embarks on a quest with Vicente at the king’s behest, the reader is split between staying in Fatima and uncovering the secrets that the city hides and going on a foolhardy quest. The illustrations do well to paint a picture of what is going on.

Brother Leon is a great addition to the series introducing yet another stunning character with a thirst for uncovering what happened in the Last War. He is a monk heading into the twilight of his years, but this quest seems to invigorate him. It doesn’t hurt that his flaws make him more human. His friendship with Vicente adds another extra dimension to the book giving a chance for the novella to take off in different directions. Each character has a story to tell and each is deep and richly nuanced. You just have to wait for the next instalment.



Kay has found success in the arena. At first, she is not the kind of character you can get behind. However, as the story progresses we discover that there’s more to her, secrets she hides. Still the reality is, in the arena you must fight to survive. This is the new world order and Kay excels at it. In fact she is so good that she has attracted both enemies and admirers.

This fourth instalment of volume 1 in the series is not for the faint of heart, but if you are a fan of gladiatorial battles to the death, this is the book for you. The illustrations are vivid and hold nothing back, throwing you into the arena with the gladiators. Just remember this is another piece of the puzzle that is Earth’s Final Chapter...



When you start reading this book you are intrigued. Who or what is the Goblin Shark? And how does it tie in to the rest of the series? Penman leaves the reader unsure of what direction the story is going. That is the beauty of this series. You never quite know what is around the corner.

Chibuzo getting saved by the crew of The Goblin Shark can either be his salvation or his damnation. Neither does he expect to form an unlikely friendship with the ship’s cook. However, no one is quite what they seem, especially Chibuzo. The search for treasure plays a huge role in the storyline, and it’s surprising. Chibuzo manages to make enemies and allies on the ship and the ending yet again turns you on your head.

The author’s words make this story all the more enjoyable. They struck a great chord paired with the illustrations, and you are immediately transported to a new world where there are pirates, booty, and of course monsters in the sea.

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