Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 6: ARK Part 1 Digital Download (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Vol.1: Book 6: ARK Part 1 Digital Download (English)

By Julian Fernandes

Illustrated by Arijit Gupta

Citizens of Leo Mega are escaping. Now that Ariel Hannover has arrived, the ARK communities must stay especially vigilant to evade the grasp of the Planetary Council while being careful not to compromise the safety of their allies, but some believe a confrontation is unavoidable. The first part of an epic story line.

Another dimension is added in this series of novellas. The ARK has been whispered in previous stories but we’re not quite sure who exactly they are.  All we know is, they are a headache for PC (Planetary Council). Leo Mega has a thorn in its side, namely the ARK. They are causing unrest, and that is something the PC cannot have. Who doesn’t love a band of rebels pushing against the status quo? That is precisely what the ARK does. However, the show of might is not quite what is seems. The quest to leave the scorched Earth seems to be universal no matter what section of it one resides. The illustrations in this novella are more vivid. The colors shine bright and creatures otherworldly. We also get to meet old characters who had been introduced briefly and are able to connect with other books.The great thing about this series is the little crumbs that keep you coming back for more. -Barbara Kihiu

With the Alliance of Rebels for Knowledge (ARK) separatists moving forward and the Leo Mega leaders fighting back, the next installment has finally arrived. New characters and a grander picture of the Earth’s Final Chapter universe provide plenty of action and excitement; ARK Part 1 is a great addition to the series and kicks off the new round of chapters with a bang. -Mark Angelids


EFC Connections

Light connectivity- Book 2: Captain Taylor: The Starship Ceu, Book 5: Chibuzo: The Goblin Shark

Connected thread- Short Tales From Earth's Final Chapter: Book 2

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