Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 7: The Hunter & His Hounds Digital Download (English)

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Earth's Final Chapter Vol. 1: Book 7: The Hunter & His Hounds Digital Download (English)

By Julian Fernandes

Illustrated by Alejandro Arevalo

There are always plenty of jobs for a bounty hunter in the Federation, especially when you’re the best in the business. With the help of his loyal pack of canines, the notorious Hunter accepts one last job before the winter comes.

The mysterious Hunter makes his appearance in the seventh book of Earth’s Final Chapter, and boy what a debut. The greatest question was would it live up to the expected hype? But Julian Fernandes outdid himself in this novella. The Hunter is not a likable man, but he is the bounty hunter of choice. He never fails at his job and you have to admire that kind of tenacity. So, when he takes one last job it is definitely not business as usual, once the chase begins you see this strange dichotomy, a bloodthirsty man who loves his family fiercely. You are kind of torn as whether to despise him or respect his work ethic. Be warned the words paint a gruesome imagery of blood and gore. These are not your average dogs. The illustrations seem to blur deliberately to prevent from fully disliking this character. However, this hunt is cursed from the get go and the Hunter is beset with problems as he chases his prey. In the meantime, there are those who would seek his services back home and another Hunter rises. Will there be two Hunters, or has fate conspired to shift the tide? Whether the Hunter completes the hunt or not that is for you to find out. It’s definitely a compelling read and by far my favourite of the series. - Barbara Kihiu

This latest book kicks off with the return of the dreaded Hunter; even more menacing and cruel than in his earlier appearance, the vividness of the torture and engulfing hopelessness make this a page turner that is difficult to walk away from. For those familiar with the series, this chapter is a real treat as loose ends from previous installments begin to come together making a fuller mosaic to the story. References to former characters and places begin to shape the epic saga in a way that hints of a grand reckoning in future chapters. - Mark Angelids


Light connectivity- Book 4: Kay: Capital City Arena Champion, Book 13: Elutheramania: Freedom City

Overlapping- Book 1: Avinon

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